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Although the property could be used solely as a family home, it has great investment potential. As a rental property with three units, the potential for both rental income and capital appreciation can be very attractive. This is especially true with such low rates of return from banks and government bonds.

There are really few rentals available in Pozos currently. One, a small one bedroom casita rented for $600usd pre month utilities included. The other a one bedroom casa rents for $500usd per month plus utilities. This would be another advantage to invest in this property: the scarcity of rentals.

Based on the current purchase price, returns on investment can range from 92% to 145%. In other words, from almost double to somewhat more than double the original investment. This constitutes an annual return of around 9% without compounding or reinvestment of returns. Considering current bank yields of 1.5% or less and the volatility of the stock market, this property can be an attractive investment.

Or make your own calculations.

Estimated Returns on Invetment - 10 year project